Shipping policy & Customs information

Orders are shipped as soon as is possible within my work schedule. To be able to keep comic updates regular going forward, shipments are handled up to twice a week. Therefore, you can expect your package to be distributed less than a week after your order
Delays may occur in cases of sickness, holidays and sales related travel. If I'm away on vacation or out travelling to sell at events, there will be a notice at the top of the page ahead of time stating the dates I'm away and when distribution resumes.

Once your package has been distributed, shipping time varies depending on location.

These are the average shipping times according to PostNord, the shipping company this shop uses:
Sweden: 1-2 business days
Europe: 2-5 business days
UK: 3-4 business days
Non EU countries (besides the UK): 5-11 business days

Bearing these shipping times in mind, if you feel you have reason to believe your package has been lost in the mail, please reach out to
Same goes if your package arrives damaged. I run this business all by myself because I care about the things I create, so it's very important to me that customers are happy with their purchase!

If you order from outside the EU, you may have to pay customs.
This store is not involved in your country's customs process. To get an idea of how much you may have to pay, look up the relevant customs regulations for your country.
EU customers should not have to pay customs.
This shop is based in Sweden, which is an EU country. Within the EU, there is an agreement that states EU internal distance purchases of wares will be subject to VAT immediately upon purchase. The VAT is included in the price you see on the site.