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Make Way for Disaster Gay sticker

Make Way for Disaster Gay sticker

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Vinyl sticker, 5cm x 5cm. 

How to use: Sometimes getting a sticker off its protective cover can be tricky! With these stickers, the trick is to not be too careful. The actual sticker is made of vinyl, whereas the protective backing is a more fragile paper material, meaning this (the part you want to get rid of) will typically bend to your will first. Grab the sticker with its face up and feel along the edge with your nail. You will notice the backing sticks out more than the actual sticker. Choose a part of the outline – smooth bends and long straight lines in the silhouette are a good place to aim for – and pull down on the paper edge with your nail, in a motion to pull it off the sticker. Repeat the same movement until the paper backing loosens and gives an opening, allowing you to put your nail in and pull it off. Don’t be afraid if the paper’s edges wear during this process. The sticker is made of vinyl, not paper, so the part that softens and wears is not part of the sticker itself.

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