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Moonshine Volume 8

Moonshine Volume 8

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The eighth volume of Moonshine (Chapters 34-36), paperback.

“When Betty and Jennifer first arrived to Kim and Lucian’s new home, it was unexpected and on short notice. The extent of their stay was even less expected. Running out of other places to stay after coming back out of hiding, they’ve had to resort to sleeping in a tent on their friends’ lawn.

One day Kim comes home from work to find out that Jennifer and Betty’s unexpected stay has come to an end. After their departure, he and Lucian will regain some lost privacy.

However, this is not the first thing that’s on Kim’s mind. 

Watching his best friend leave, Kim realizes that sometimes we don’t know just how important certain people are to us until they’re gone.”

Moonshine is an LGBTQIA+ comic that follows the lives of a vampire couple and their supernatural (and some non-supernatural) friends. This is the eighth volume.

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