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Moonshine Volume 9

Moonshine Volume 9

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Volume 9 of Moonshine, containing chapters 37-41.

"The late autumn cold falls over the small lakeside house that Kim and Lucian have come to call home. With Kim's best friend living a one-minute walk away and an engagement ring on his finger, life is peaceful. As peaceful as can be, anyway. That is, until Kim's father shows up on his doorstep.

The sight brings back memories of a childhood lived in fear. Fear of his mother's wrath, fear of being beaten, and fear of being punished in the afterlife for being born gay. Years of abuse that his father could have prevented. Now here he is, wanting to be the supportive parent he never was when it mattered most.

Some things can't be forgiven. However, given that his father was unaware of the extent of the abuse Kim is undecided on whether this is one of those things. Does he have it in him to forgive his father and reconnect with him? And if so, does he want to?"

Moonshine is an LGBTQIA+ comic that follows the lives of a vampire couple and their supernatural (and some non-supernatural) friends. This is the ninth volume.

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