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PREORDER: Crimson Tracks, Volume 2 and 3

PREORDER: Crimson Tracks, Volume 2 and 3

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Volume 2 and 3 of Crimson Tracks are being prepared for production! Volume 2 contains episodes 15-33. Volume 3 contains episodes 34-50. You can choose whether to preorder both, or just one or the other.

The initial preorder period is open throughout all of March. During this time, you can secure your copy of the book(s). Preordering the book helps cover production costs, including the labor that goes into converting the webcomic into a format that is more pleasant to read in printed form.

During the preorder period, there will also be large discounts (50% off) on prints, stickers and bodypillow cases! This way, if you want to top your purchase off with some extra stuff to get free shipping, you can get more value for your money.

The production will be initiated early in April. After the print order has been placed, the production takes about 2-4 weeks. Distribution is expected at some point in May (but may happen earlier depending on circumstances*), after which the time of delivery depends on shipping times to the customer's location.

*Note: Author's changing social security number due to an upcoming gender marker change. This may temporarily impact ability to handle shipping. May is the anticipated time of distribution to make space for this, however if the process is quicker the books will be shipped out sooner.

I'm deeply thankful to those who choose to preorder despite the long wait, as it's very helpful and means I'm able to make these books a reality and keep my business active during these stressful times!

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